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The Norco Story

Norco is a 100% AUSTRALIAN, FARMER OWNED DAIRY CO-OPERATIVE and has been producing quality dairy products since 1895. Norco fresh full flavoured Milk is proudly produced by AUSSIE farmers . Norco farmers and milk distributors located throughout New South Wales and Queensland are passionate about giving you and your family the very best tasting milk which is 100% real milk and has been so since the company was formed. From farm to glass Norco is the brand to buy to help support AUSSIE farmers and small businesses in your local community. Norco take the very best care to ensure the milk lives up to the great quality you expect.


The Black Moo Cow Pty. Ltd. Story

Black Moo Cow pty. Ltd is the registered company for the Perri Family trust with both Janice and Bruce Perri as directors. We purchased the Milk run in December 2008 and have expanded from the core business ( Norco Milk) to the food service business that it is today. We service a big range of customers from large multinationals to small businesses and have a large range of products. Our aim is to fully service our valued customers and grow our business even further.

Our planning involves creating strong relationships with our customers and suppliers ( especially NORCO) to develop a strong relationship built on trust. Being part of a vibrant country town like Goondiwindi is all about being accepted in the business community. Our company has been involved in many community events including the Christmas fireworks, Spring Festival, and Easter in Goondiwindi to name just a few.

We are local and are involved in the community. Our clients are local.., and they want to deal locally… with people they know and trust. An outstanding product at a fair price, service we can guarantee trust, punctuality, reliability and honesty.

Black Moo Cow Pty Ltd